Find out about Audio Spec's hearing services, including hearing tests, ear plugs and  ear wax removal

Why choose Audio Spec?

We provide a service that can be trusted by our clients and stands out from other clinics in our field.

  • Unlike clinics owned or aligned with optical and hearing aid manufacturers, we are personally and independently run. We provide an individualised and positive experience, making sure we meet your personal needs.
  • Audio Spec complies with global standards, using the latest technical products to guarantee reliable and efficient recovery.
  • We offer a 4-week trial after fitting your hearing aids to assist adaptation, further guaranteeing the success of fittings. We always personalise the hearing aid to you by taking the time to test the product and ensure it works perfectly.
  • We provide regular ongoing reviews, allowing you to update us on your present condition and your changing lifestyle.

With our experience, we will work together to solve problems and achieve your goals.

To set up an appointment at our clinic, or to make an enquiry, kindly contact us.

Find out why you should choose Audio Spec for hearing aids and hearing loss services