Medical professionals

Find out about Audio Spec's hearing services, including hearing tests, ear plugs and  ear wax removal

Medical Professionals

Audiological services for your patient

When your patients are in our care you can be assured, they will receive a thorough assessment and the right recommendation to suit their individual needs and achieve the best possible outcomes. Hearing health can have a significant impact on a person’s confidence, cognition and overall wellbeing.  At Audio Spec, our approach to hearing health care is to work collaboratively with GPs and other health care professionals to provide complete, patient-centric care from diagnosis to rehabilitation. We offer personalised services and care in a comfortable no-pressure environment.

Pensioners and Veterans

If your patient is a pensioner or Veteran, they may be eligible for services under the Australian Governments Hearing Services Program. We are accredited to provide services under the Hearing Services Program.

Cerumen management

Audio Spec Clinic provides a professional cerumen removal service using gentle micro-suction techniques with a binocular microscope, which allows a clear view of the ear canal and its contents.


We are accredited to provide hearing services under Worksafe Victoria.